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Theresa Maxin 

Theresa is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ. She fought her way through life being the youngest of seven children.  Her gift of leadership came by hanging out with her brother’s friends, bossing them around, and playing every sport as a tomboy. All of her character traits were born out of laughter, adventure, and deep sorrow; a triple threat when serving Jesus! Theresa has a pioneering spirit that has served her well all her life.


Jesus got a hold of her heart in her mid-twenties when she asked Him what life is all about.

When she surrendered her life to Him, she had no idea what was a head of her for the next 30 years. God has given her the greatest adventures when she married a crazy guy named Greg, and giving life to two amazing children, Noah and Molly. Her greatest faith challenge came when her son, Noah, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away at the sweet age of eleven. Through the valley of the shadow of death the Lord raised her up with the power of the resurrection and called her to speak and share her stories so that other will be encouraged to trust Jesus.


She is an ordained pastor and currently works with women at Rahab Ministries in downtown Canton. She loves studying God’s Word, worshipping Jesus, and watching others become who they are born to be as followers of Jesus. She loves to travel and experience all cultures, shopping with her daughter, Molly, drinking coffee, cooking, and meeting new people. 


Her hope and prayer is that you will be encouraged by her stories and realize just how loved you are by our Father in heaven.

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