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CWF (Christian Women's Fellowship) meets monthly for food and fellowship.
Ladies’ Night Out– The third Wednesday of the each month at 6:00 P.M.
All women of the church are invited to eat out together at various restaurants in the area. Amy Stafford is the current chairwoman.


CMF  (Christian Men's Fellowship) meets monthly for food and fellowship. On the third Wednesday at 6:00 our men meet at the church pavilion for a cook-out in the summer or for pot-luck inside during the winter. They serve Easter breakfast to all and do other projects throughout the year. CMF also collects aluminum cans all year long. Mark Bishop is the current chairman.


This is a ladies group that meets monthly.  Each month is a different experience but each month includes thoughtful prayer, discussion and sometimes games, crafts and appetizers.

 Send us a message if you would like to receive texts about future meetings.

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