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This is a class for young adults 18 and older in college or starting out in careers and independent life. We use Bible based curriculum that can be applied to our current life stages. We welcome open and honest discussion and our goal is to support one another inside and outside of the classroom.


the LIVENGOOD Class is mostly young – middle aged adults.  This class is a laid-back no-pressure class. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy adult social time with different bible-based topics.


the GENESIS Class is a mixture of ages, some younger but mostly middle – older aged adults.  They meet in the east wing and are taught by MORT DeHOFF.  They use a variety of books and themes that are always based on scripture and discussions.


the QUESTORS Class meets in the chapel.  They are mostly middle – older aged adults who are led by BONNIE CUNNINGHAM.  They use a Disciple curriculum that is based on scripture and discussions.

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