What is a SPARK? The dictionary defines it as 1) a small particle of a burning substance thrown out by a body in combustion; and 2) something that sets off a sudden force. Good people, that’s us! First Christian is introducing an alternative, and hopefully, a cutting edge worship experience aptly named – SPARK. Beginning August 20, 2016 we will usher in a once-a-month worship experience that will explore what it means to worship and expose us to various methods of worship and praise. SPARK will be an extremely casual worship atmosphere held in our Fellowship Hall (think pub church). The ambiance will be relaxed to where you can bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic, please), worship a living God, and praise His holy name! Young’uns are welcome. Parents, we would ask that you keep your children with you as you allow them to quietly play.

SPARK will not be your regular Sunday morning worship experience. Every month will be different. October will be Holy Humor; November is a bye, and December will be a new-fangled Watchnight Service. We will be in hiatus during the months of January, February, and possibly March, depending on Old Man Winter.

Let me tell you what SPARK is not. It is NOT mandatory. It is NOT traditional. It will NOT be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s all right. But it MAY be exactly what the unchurched need.

We, at First Christian, are on the cusp of something great. We’re primed and ready to SPARK an explosion of Kingdom building in this community. So, please ma’am and please sir, mark your calendar and join us for a time of worship that may be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. If you are interested in exercising your spiritual gifts or becoming a part of the music ministry for SPARK, please see/contact Barbara Lyons.